What Are the Most Common Uses of Granite in Modern Design?

Granite has long been used by design professionals as a marker of quality and style, a reputation that rests on granite's enduring resilience and elegant beauty. This stone is also loved for its durability that stands the test of time. In and around our homes and workplaces, granite is one of the most popular elements and you probably know exactly where it is.
Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces
Granite is probably most frequently utilized in home kitchen countertops. Kitchen-friendly —its natural resistance to heat and wear-and-tear makes it the perfect option for a kitchen.
Strength: Granite is typically between 6-7 on the Mohs scale of mineral strength, representing how hard it is to scratch or damage in any way.
Aesthetics: Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns; making it compatible with most kitchen designs and giving it a touch of natural beauty.
Granite floors are also commonly used and are pretty prevalent in areas that see a very high foot traffic such as department stores and railroad stations.
Durability: Granite floors last as long as a building does and longer, if maintained regularly.
Variety: Be it polished or honed or flamed, granite finishes can be approached to suit an eclectic range of decor and functional need.
Bathroom Surfaces
Bathroom materials include granite for vanity tops, walls, even the tub deck:
Water Resistant – due to proper sealing, the granite is resistant to moisture and humidity, which makes it more suitable for your bathroom environ
ElegantSleek – Granite adds an elegant finish to bathroom designs that is high in demand for luxury living and commercial projects.

Wall Cladding and Facades
It is not just the interiors of a space that benefit from granite, as it provides a strong material for cladding as well as facades for exterior walls:
The Natural Weather Resistance: Granite is very resistant to weather elements like UV rays, rain, and wind, especially for outdoor applications.
Visual Impact: Granite is inherently appealing, giving architects freedom to design stunning exteriors that will not go out of fashion.
Outdoor Landscaping
Natural or manufactured granite is a process of the landscaping that is becoming more and more popular in recent years due to its natural appearance, endurance.
Flooring — They are regularly used in paving such as driveways and granite patios as it is strong enough to endure heavy loads and even times unsteady weather]){
Design: Natural stone materials like granite make your outdoor kitchen countertops, fire pits, water features, and garden benches look as good as they perform.
Granite has a huge role to play in modern design which goes beyond just functionality — nerves, depth and materiality are presented to the space where it is applied. Due to its strength and beauty, granite is a distinguishing feature in many homes and is also used in some of the most luxurious buildings worldwide.
Check out our detailed granito usos guide for more information on how to appraise granite quality for architectural purposesModule title The resource provides important details to be consider while choosing granite for your projects.

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